FasterEFT Practitioners Training

FasterEFT Practitioners Training

FasterEFT Practitioners Training

FasterEFT Practitioners Training

Becoming a Practitioner for FasterEFT can be very rewarding not just for You, but for all those around you such as family, friends and loved ones and also for the wider Community in your area and even world wide.

Although FasterEFT is free by watching the videos by Robert Smith and his eft  , there are also those that need personal One on One sessions whether face to face or through other mediums such as Skype, Yahoo or MSN.


Certificates for FasterEFT Practitioners Training

FasterEFT Practitioners Training

FasterEFT Practitioners Training Requirements Become a Certified FasterEFT Practitioner and gain invaluable skills to help others make peace with their past in less time. Teach them to take control and live the life of their dreams!

Robert Smith says, “The biggest differences between EFT and FasterEFT is the complete understandings of how we have problems, how to make the changes in 1/5 the time as Classic EFT and being a more complete process which ends the dreaded PR problem which really doesn’t exist in Faster EFT.

In FasterEFT Practitioners Training You will save £620 ($1000) or more by starting with my system because you will be coming back here for really powerful skills. This is the NEW EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) that makes a BIG difference”.

New FasterEFT Level I Practitioners in Dover

What can I charge as a FasterEFT Practitioner?

It’s entirely up to you most FasterEFT Practitioners are charging £186 ($300)-£248 ($400) for a 2 Hour Session and £434 ($700)-£496 ($800) for a five or six Hour Sessions.

Debbie Aitken FasterEFT Certified Advanced Practitioner Level IV

It is highly recommended as an Advanced Certified  Practitioner that you own The Ultimate FasterEFT Practitioners Training Course. It’s a huge resource (over 94 DVD’s, several books & Training Manuals) to help you become highly esteemed in the FasterEFT community as a Certified FasterEFT Master Practitioner.

The DVD set is packed with every protocol and scenario you would need to help people from all walks of life. Those who are really good at making changes own and study the set regularly.

To become a Level V Master Practitioner you MUST own your own copy of the Ultimate Training Course> (Note: At home Practitioners Training courses cannot be shared for certification purposes)

Click on the Image below to start  your FasterEFT Program.

FasterEFT Practitioners TrainingFasterEFT – The Ultimate FasterEFT Practitioners Training Course

95 DVD’s of Power Training over 6552 minutes (more than 100 hours) of Instructions, Insight, Lots of tapping and You will be a REAL Master of Change, Moving beyond Regular EFT

Ultimate Training Super Collection.

Faster EFT Ultimate Practitioners Training Course by Robert Smith:  95 DVDs of Power Training over 100 hours of instruction, insight and a whole lot of Faster EFT tapping. Plus training manuals, and some great books too.
This is the most powerful form of EFT for self healing. It has amazing benefits.
Go check out the website for yourself. It has a ton of great stuff for all kinds of healing.
I think this is the best FasterEFT Practitioners Training Course Around.
Training Collection Seminars I, II and III (a huge amount of info & healing)
Bonus: Mind of the Healer Series: (6 DVDs)
This is a six-week course. It covers why we have problems; how to make changes; what are problems; how to address emotional overloads, and so much more. It consists of over 11 hours of training and teaches the FasterEFT belief system and insider secrets.
You Can Heal Your Body:
This is a one-of-a-kind Healing Program that shows you the real reason why you are ill and how to heal yourself. It’s a four-week training program about physical pain and its emotional connection.
Recover From Grief and Loss Training Series: (4 DVDs)
You CAN release the pain from the past! This is a How-To series that will show you how to make the powerful shift in peoples lives.
ALSO Includes 17 DVDs of Tapping, Tapping, Tapping. Over 25 hours of straight tapping the FasterEFT way on issues such as:
Weight loss
Healing Pain
Fears and Phobias
Emotional issues of all sorts
Grief and Loss
12 DVDs of Weight Loss Seminars
6 DVDs of Relationship Cure Seminar
Food Addictions and Weight Loss
Getting Better, Feeling Better, Staying Better!
Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems
Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
The Art of Freedom
Ultimate Forgiveness
Seven Steps to healing Your Body and Life
How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons!
The Secret to Healing the Body
Making Friends with the Saboteur Within ** Most Talked about ***
Seven Steps to Happiness
Why You Do What You Hate
It’s More Powerful than Will Power
Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships
Live, Love, Laugh Again
Healing the Inner Child
Grief Recover: Action System For Healing
You Can Heal Your Body
Start Living, Stop Self-Defeating
Know the Dynamic Power Within You
Weight Loss: Make It Work For You
The Gift of Change
Conquer Emotional Over Eating
Getting Serious with The Law of Attraction
67 Hours of Mp3′s – 5 full seminars, 19 Titled Seminars & Interview
Gary Williams Interviews – Robert G. Smith – EFT World Magazine
Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual and Material Prosperity.
Robert G. Smith’s First Public Presentation – Embarrassing for your Entertainment Only (2001)
Stop Smoking FasterEFT Style with Robert Smith
6 Books are also Included:
Training Collection I, II & III Manual
Weight Loss Manual
Relationship Manual
The User’s Manual For The Brain
Monsters and Magical Sticks: Or, There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis
Heal Your Body.

FasterEFT is the new EFT!

FasterEFT Practitioners Training

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FasterEFT Practitioners Training


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