FasterEFT Tapping Script

      FasterEFT Tapping Script   Download this page as PDF for Offline Browsing Click on Image to enlargeClick on Image to enlarge   FasterEFT Tapping Script Click Here to Visit Robert Smith’s Official FasterEFT Website. Written instructions for … Continue reading →

FasterEFT Ultimate Training Course News

  FasterEFT Ultimate Training  Course Home Study Kit Sale Still On But Hurry $1,799.00 $1,499.00 94 DVDs, 2 Audio CDs, 1 DATA DVD with MP3s of this Powerful Training with over 100 hours of instruction, insight and FasterEFT-style tapping. Click … Continue reading →

Treating Bipolar Disorder

    Before we discuss treating bipolar disorder we must initially define the disease and illustrate its general symptoms. Originally known as “manic depressive illness”, bipolar disorder is defined by episodes of extremely excited/heightened mood, offset by periods of severe … Continue reading →

Got a headache Faster EFT

      FasterEFT and Headache Click Here to visit Robert Smiths Official FasterEFT Website. This video on Headaches has had over 186,000 views. So, it’s pretty clear to me that a lot of people must have a Headache.   … Continue reading →

Discover Faster EFT

      Discover Faster EFT Discover Faster EFT What is Faster EFT? Faster EFT is a quick and effective method to release negative emotions. This is done by addressing the triggers to those emotions as well as the memories … Continue reading →

The powerful belief system of FasterEFT.

FasterEFT       The powerful belief system of FasterEFT. The most difficult part about healing your life. The powerful belief system of FasterEFT.  Click Here to Visit Robert G Smith’s Official Website.   Faster Emotional Focused Transformation is a … Continue reading →

Your Mind and Faster EFT

      What’s Happening in Your Brain While You’re Tapping? Your Mind and Faster EFT When you use the Faster EFT process, the effects are not just “in your mind”. Physical changes happen in your brain as you use … Continue reading →

What is FasterEFT?

        What is FasterEFT FasterEFT Explained   Faster eft pain,weight loss, fear, anxiety, etc FasterEft-practitioners Direct Link to Main Products Page The System Defined Let us first start by answering the question “What is FasterEFT?” Faster Emotionally … Continue reading →

faster eft ptsd

      Faster EFT PTSD Veteran shares “I tried everything available but nothing worked.” Now we have the tools. 442 Military PTSD Transcript of video. Faster EFT PTSD “Hello, my name’s Renaldo Phillips. Five months ago, I was sitting … Continue reading →

FasterEFT To Attract Abundance

      Powerful Ways to Use FasterEFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation) To Attract Abundance Starting Today FasterEFT is a very efficient and useful tool that is rapidly becoming well known in the self-help, psychological, and medical fields. The reason it … Continue reading →